Best Practices for Keeping a Motorcyclists Skin Clean

Riding out on the open road is especially tough on a motorcyclists skin. The wind, sun and even your helmet are all contributing to a face that does not look clean and fresh when you arrive at your destination. To avoid developing biker acne and other unsightly skin conditions, make sure that you are protecting it before, during and after every ride.

  • Stop Using Exfoliates – Many of us use these products as a normal part of our skin care routine, but these are harmful when applied a few days before a ride. Depending on the product, you could be increasing your sensitivity to the sun by up to 45%, making your face that much more susceptible to sunburn.
  • Do Start Using a Konjac Sponge – A konjac sponge is a natural product that comes from Japan and is just as good at cleansing your face as an exfoliate is. The only difference is that it leaves your skins natural oils intact, providing it with the protection it needs from the sun. Check online for reviews of this incredible product and you will find that the konjac sponge has been gaining popularity around the world.
  • Do Apply a Generous Amount of Sunscreen – Make sure that as you ride you are taking the time to reapply sunscreen as needed. Don’t forget the chest and neck area either, as these are just as susceptible to sun damage as your face is.
  • Do Wear Large Sunglasses – Not only will larger sunglasses offer your entire eye area better protection from the sun, you will squint less. This will stop the development of crow’s feet.
  • Don’t Skimp on a Windshield – You may think it looks cool to ride around with no windshield, but these actually help keep dirt, bugs and even windburn at bay. A windshield is a huge help in keeping your face protected while riding a motorcycle.
  • Don’t Forget to Wash Your Face When You Arrive – You can take all of the precautions you want, but if you don’t at least give your face a quick wash at your destination, you are allowing any dirt to become imbedded inside of your pores.
  • Don’t Forget Your Helmet – The inside of the helmet is a perfect home for dirt and bacteria. Make sure you wipe down the inside before and after each ride with an antiseptic to ensure that you are not transferring dirt back to your face.


Following these tips will ensure that your face always appears fresh and clean no matter how many motorcycle trips you make.

Recovery Remedies For the Aftermath of a Motorcycle Crash

Recovery Remedies For the Aftermath of a Motorcycle Crash

No bike rider straps on their helmet with the thought that they will be in an accident today, but if you think it will never happen to you, you need to think again. Motorcycle drivers are extremely susceptible to being in an accident due to their structure and small size. And riders are susceptible to serious injury without any walls of steel to protect them during impact.

How soon you are able to hop back on your hog again will depend on the seriousness  of your injuries, but there are some tricks to try at home that can hasten your recovery.

Alternate Hot and Cold Therapy

Too much of either is never a good thing, but if you have sore and aching muscles after a motorcycle accident, alternate between heat and cold. This helps to increase circulation to the area which promotes healing, while at the same time reducing swelling.


Did you ever pay attention to the height of a car bumper in comparison to your bike? Motorcyclists who are struck on the side stand a high chance of suffering from a leg injury. Broken bones and fractures are very common, and can keep you in bed for weeks. You can help to stimulate healing and relieve the pain by hoisting the injured leg to be at a level above your heart.

Sauna Therapy

Infrared saunas differ from traditional saunas in that the heat waves are more concentrated, allowing them to penetrate deeper into your body. This is great news for a motorcyclist who is suffering from joint paint after an accident. There is no need to make visits to a local spa for this kind of therapy either. A portable infrared sauna is an inexpensive investment that will fit right into your home. Check review sites to help you find one within your price range that can afford you the healing benefits you need.


Over the Counter Pain Relievers

You can find a number of medications available without a prescription that will help to reduce the swelling caused by a motorcycle accident and relieve the pain. Pain relief is essential for keeping your muscles relaxed, allowing them the time that they need to heal. By going with over the counter medications rather than prescription strength, you are avoiding the risk of building a dependence on them.

During your recovery time, make sure that you are eating a diet full of nutritious foods and plenty of fluids. This well help you regain your strength and be back to being bike ready before you  know it.

How to Keep Your Motorcycle Beard Looking Cool Even During a Long Ride

You can’t have the right motorcycle look without the right motorcycle beard. Yet, with the wind from riding and the road debris, it certainly won’t look as good as when you left once you reach your final destination. If you want to get off your bike looking as good as when you got on it, then you need to start taking care of that motorcycle beard now.

Choosing a Motorcycle Beard Style

Beards come in all shapes and sizes especially those preferred by motorcycle riders. You can choose a beard style that is short and to the point like a goatee, or a classic motorcycle beard style that is long and bushy. You can get beard grooming tips on line and find a style that is best suited for your face.

beardIf you do go with long and bushy though, remember it is going to take more  of a beating on your rides than a shorter style.

Protecting Your Beard When You Ride

Even if you use a full face mask a full beard is still going to get the brunt of full force winds as you ride. Especially on long distance and highway runs. Before heading out, wash your beard with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Style it the way you want and then add a thick coat of beard balm. Not only does beard help to style the beard, it works as a natural moisturizer right down to the skin. Plus, it helps to keep anything from getting stuck inside of the whiskers that fly up off from the street.

When You Get off of Your Bike

If you took the right steps to prepare your beard for the trip, then you will have no trouble in getting it back in shape once you get to your destination. Just run your fingers through it with some more beard balm to put any whiskers that went astray back into place. This should only take a couple of seconds, and you will be good to go, looking great.

Having a beard is a part of the biker legacy, and if you feel like joining that legacy you have your work cut out for you. But in the end, you’ll be thrilled with the full biker look that you get from a beard.

The Best Fish –n – Chips Stops as You Tour the UK

Earlier this year the 2014 National Fish –n – Chips Awards were given to a number of individually owned and operated restaurants all over the UK. When you are feeling hungry, any one of these warrants a great excuse for taking a day tour to check it out.

Each year, the judges for the competition are inundated with contestants from every corner of the UK. Those poor judges must then travel the country and try each and every entrant, rating the food and restaurant on quality, taste and value for the money. This takes a long time to complete considering the number of fish-n-chips in the UK, and entries need to be handed in for 2015 soon.

3rd Place Winner for 2014

Papa’s Barn in Ditton, a small town inside of Kent, took third place in the Fish-n-chips competition. Their excellence in the deep fryer  along with the quaint surroundings impressed the judges. Not only are they skilled in the industrial size arena, but they are amazing home cooks, some of them winning local competitions using nothing but their FryDaddy fryers. Each piece of fish is individually battered before being placed inside of the deep fryer, and the chips are freshly cut throughout the day.

Since you are going to be so close, take a moment and carefully ride around the London streets on your bike. The traffic may be a pain, but it’s nice sometimes to have a change of riding scenery to the city.

2nd Place Winner for 2014

Frankie’s Fish-n-chips in Shetland took home the 2nd place award in the competition. This is a home style restaurant for sure, where the deep fried deliciousness is easily washed down with an ice cold draft. It was the special seasoning and relaxed atmosphere that won the judges over.

Thames Ditton

You may even want to consider camping out and spending the weekend in this neck of England’s woods. The historic town of Shetland is full of one of a kind shops and pubs that could take days to explore. You can even meander out of town on your bike a bit, and take in the incredible scenery.

1st Place Winner for 2014

It only makes sense that the best fish-n-chips would come from a seaside town. Quayside has mastered the iconic dish, using the absolute best precision on the deep fryer to evenly brown perfectly sized cuts of fish. Each plate is made to order, guaranteeing a crisp coating with each bite.

Wayward back roads bring you to the town of North Yorkshire, setting you up for a small town feel and relaxed atmosphere. Park your bike and walk on the water’s edge or explore the streets and there many unique shops. The setting here is perfect for a few day get away.

It’s wonderful when your quest to roam has a defined destination point. And what better destination than an award winning fish –n – chip restaurant. The next time the riding spirit moves you, let it move you to one of these charming places.

Putting Together a Woman’s Shootout

Women’s teams are becoming increasingly popular, as are competitions geared towards them. Not so long a challenge was given to five such brave females, to try out some new bikes as a team and see how well they handled for the ladies.

The Team

Once assembled, the team of women chosen to participate represented all walks of life with varying degrees of experience on bikes. They included:

  • “Super” Sarah Schilke – Sarah serves on the Board of Directors for the Motorcycle Industry Council. The first female to hold this position, she was a no-brainer to choose for the race. One of the brains behind the only helmet designed specifically for woman – The Schubert C3W – Sarah has been involved in almost aspects of the industry at some point in her career.
  • Jody “Shark Bait” Hemingway – The smallest and least experienced in the group, Jody only got interested in bikes after scooting around Los Angeles on a moped for years. She has no industry experience either, but is a graphic artist, scuba diver and ultrasound technician. The ultrasound technician career could come in handy for her riding buddies to help diagnose injuries. She’s taken courses for a bunch of stuff after finding them on
  • Vickie “Captain” Norton – Vickie learned how to ride a bike before she could drive a car. An airline captain, she already has experience with fast speed. She also rounds out her list of favorite things to do by playing in a band.
  • Tania “T-Satch” Satchwell – hailing from New Zealand, Tania raced with her family for years before going pro and winning the 2001 US Women’s Motocross National Championship. Now retired, she only agreed to this race for its unique lineup of ladies.
  • “Jet Ski” Jan Plessner – Jan works for Kawasaki in the PR department and is beginning to get involved in other aspects of the industry. Her experience is limited, but she still is a force to be reckoned with on 2 wheels.

A shootout is a type of race where the bikes are rotated amongst the riders over the course of two days of racing. Each rider is expected to answer honestly aspects of all of the bikes and what they liked and disliked. In this case, the shootout was aimed at finding bikes that were best suited for women.

In terms of bikes, the Harley Davidson Sportster 883cc was deemed the best by the ladies. It’s smaller, making it easier to handle but still gives a powerful performance.

Harley-Davidson XL 883 Sportster 883 2008 05

This type of racing event to test out different bikes can be put together by anyone with a love for motocross. You can do it simply with what you and your friends have, or organize a big event like this one and ask for corporate sponsorship.

Not only did the ladies get to learn the subtle differences between different brands, they got to learn what matters most to them in a bike. This type of experience cannot be beat for the die hard motorcycle enthusiast.


The Popularity of Outlaw Country and Motorcycle Clubs

When most people associate motorcycle riding with music, they automatically think of the classic and hard rock genre, due to the black leather style. But across the United States and around the world, the majority of motorcycle riders worship a whole different type of singing.

Outlaw country is exactly what it sounds like, a sub genre of American country music dominated by the bad boys of the banjo. This includes names like Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, David Allan Coe, The Eli Radish Band, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Leon Russel, Kris Kristofferson, Townes Van Zandt, Billy Joe Shaver, Steve Earl, Hank Williams Jr., And Gary Stewart.

It is believed that the music came about when Nashville record producers first started to take the tonk out of honkey tonk music. This sound, which is was the backbone of country music during the ‘60’s, was carried on by those “outlaw” musicians forming a whole new sub culture that the motorcycle rider readily related to.

The open opposition to the rules being set forth by the record companies ended up becoming popular anthems for anarchy. If you are an aspiring musician, pay close attention to that raw sound, because trying to emulate it is only an option for the most accomplished of musicians.

If you are considering bringing this sound back in a modern way, tune your online singing lessons from to artists such as Jimmie Rodgers. He was a pioneer in the original movement, and basing your vocal lessons on his talent will give you a better idea of just how innovative these outlaws were at producing music that moved masses.

The song that named the genre, and is still a selection on the jukebox at any bike stop worth its weight was “Ladies Love Outlaws” performed by Waylon Jennings. Referring to men who wore long hair and denim and leather, it is easy to understand why the motorcycle clubs of that time were quick to embrace this new music.


Ladies got in on the outlaw image too, and artists like Jessi Colter, Sammi Smith, Tanya Tucker and Emmylou Harris became idols for the female biker. These were women who were willing to stand out and explore the not always perfect side of a being a woman.

Motorcyclists today still enjoy this music, as it still reflects the rebellion that riding bikes invokes. This is by far not a lost genre, but one that would benefit from a modern mix of today’s outlaws in the music industry.

4 Motorcycle Friendly Campsites Around the UK

Riding cross country on a bike is a great adventure, but it can also be an expensive one if you spend your night in hotels. Plus, hotels don’t allow you the space or freedom if you are riding with a group, to hang out together after dark. When planning your next motorcycle trip around the country, check into any one of these campsites and instantly feel welcome.

The Bottleneck Inn

Found in Okehampton, this spot offers the biker the best of both worlds. The inn is large with a pub and restaurant that caters to motorcycle clubs. Right on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, the Bottleneck Inn is a common site for bike rallies and get togethers. Just a stones throw down the road is a campsite where not much more than the space to pitch your family tent is offered, which for most bikers that’s all they need. You can build a small campfire to cook on your camping stove, but the real draw is the immense space where large groups can spread out and have a great time.

Fisherground Campsite

Fisherground is located in Eskadale, Cumbria and can be a rough ride to get to, but well worth the trip. The passes are as high as 1291 feet and narrow, so make sure that if you are traveling in a large group that all the riders are prepared for this type of terrain. Once you do reach the campground you will find that the basic amenities are offered at this scenic camp ground, and that it is also popular for families. If your motorcycle club wants some more privacy, head just a few more yards up the road to Hollins Farm where only bikers are allowed to roll out their sleeping bags.

Roundhill Campsite

In this Brockenhurst campsite, motorcyclists are given their own field to spread out in. There are no shower facilities here, but there are cubicles for washing. This is a true nature lovers stop as wild ponies are known to frequent the grounds in search of food.

Route U55

If you want a truly scenic motorcycle adventure, grab your camping gear and head to the Isle of Skye. The bed and breakfast offers ample room out back for motorcycle clubs to settle down in the family tents for the night. This is a popular spot, so you may want to book in advance to make sure that there is enough room at the campsite.


If the B&B is booked, travel to the Loch Greshornish where a riding loving couple operates another motorcycle friendly campground. This one is in a prime spot to call home base if your club wants to spend the days touring the incredible island.

Camping offers a unique benefit to motorcycle clubs. They can get together and ride for days without the worry of finding accommodations for all at night. Suggest this at your next meeting and see just how many of your club members are devoted camping loves underneath all that leather.

Opee: The Motocross Pooch – Not Even a K9 Fence Can Stop Him!

There is a blue merle Australian Shepherd in Perris California, and he is poised to take any motocross enthusiast on. By the ripe old age of 8, he was pulling 6 G’s and posing for centerfolds in Cycle News. He has been a part of the Baja 500 and had over 10,000 hours of dirt bike riding under his belt. So where did he go?

Since his sudden rise to fame a few years back, Opee has disappeared from the spotlight. We like to think he is wallowing his days chasing bikes instead of riding them. Unless of course his owner – Mike – has installed a wireless dog fence around the yard. The pet containment systems are great, but can they hold up to the wild antics of Opee?

Opee’s Story

Opee’s owner Mike acquired the dog after a bitter divorce. Living out on a farm, the dog took an instant liking to his new home which included two horses and a bunch of other dogs. But there was always a special connection between Opee and Mike.

Once Opee started sleeping in Mike’s tool box, the motocross enthusiast knew he had found a special companion. It started with the dog chasing Mike as he raced around the desert, but that soon changed to a four-wheeler where they would ride together. But this was not enough for Opee who one day just jumped up on the gas tank and made it his home.


The fans were in love with Opee right away, and so were the sponsors. He got a neck brace and vest, cool backpack and a bunch of jerseys. They even fixed it so he could drink water while riding. They even gave him a AMA card and SCORE international card – I wonder how they listed his last name…

Opee and Mike have even raced Baja with a team, and finished ahead of half the pack. The motocross world embraced his presence and he was a welcome addition at any event.

This is definitely not a feat for just any old dog and rider, as Mike explained it took a lot of training to get to where they were both comfortable on the seat. Opee had to learn to read cues both physical and verbal, and move his massive 70 pound body accordingly. Yet still, they could take hair pin turns and make jumps just like any other bike. They did skid out once, at 75 mph, but shook off the minor injuries and jumped right back on that bike.

So if you have a garage dog who is unusually interested in your bike, take him for a spin and see what happens. If he makes a play for the clutch then you know you just may have another Opee on your bike.

Motocross Riding Tips

Motocross is an exciting sport. If you have watched any of it on TV, you have probably envisioned yourself racing alongside the stars. While you most likely won’t be able to do that tomorrow, there are some things you can start doing now to take your steps in motocross racing. Below are some tips to get you started.

  1. Practice – This is obviously the most important step. As the old saying goes, you can’t get anywhere without practice. The only way to get as good as the stars is to put in your time, just like they did. Spend every moment you can practicing on  a bike. You won’t be any good at the beginning, but the more time you put into it, the better you will get.
  2. Jumps – One of the things that probably drew you to the sport was watching people perform these crazy jumps on their bikes in the middle of a race. You can’t, and shouldn’t start with jumps this big. Get yourself comfortable on smaller jumps, getting used to straddling a 300 pound bike, while getting it to remain upright. You’ll need a considerable amount of arm strength, and some courage, but once you get it down it’s a ton of fun.
  3. Cornering – Going through those turns is a lot more than just speeding through as fast as you can. A rider that knows the best turning technique will most likely be at the front of the pack. Work on when to use the brake, the throttle, and what position your body should be in. If you can master this, you will be well on your way to winning some races.
  4. Whoops – For those of you not sure what a Whoop is, it is the small bumps arranged side by side, that you graze your bike across the top of as fast as you can. These can be one of the most difficult parts of the track, and they are typically where riders wipe out. Be careful when you are practicing them, and know that you’ll probably fall down the first few times at least.
  5. Rollers – These pose a similar challenge to Whoops, but they are less likely to wipe you out. Rollers tend to be flatter than whoops. They might not be as challenging as whoops, but that doesn’t mean you should be overconfident. Always take caution around them, and make sure you practice them just as much as any other area.
  6. Watch The Professionals – This is our last tip. In order to be like the best, you need to see what they are doing. Don’t just watch motocross races for the enjoyment, but to study what they are doing. How do they approach their turns? What position is their body in during a jump? Take notes, then practice what they do when you get back on the track. You don’t have to do everything exactly like them, see what works for you. However these guys have spent hundreds of hours perfecting their method, so chances are you could learn a thing or two from them.

Back to Back Wins for Webb in Anaheim

"Malherbe" by Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Malherbe” by Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

This past Saturday, at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim, the third round of the 2015 Monster Energy Supercross Championship 250 West Class took place. Heading into the contest it was anyone’s game to win.

Coming off a victory in Phoenix, Cooper Webb was one of the names to watch. Jessy Nelson claimed the win at the Anaheim 1 and finished in 3rd at Phoenix, making him another contender for the title. These two young guns were the main contenders for the day, but a few other riders kept themselves in the mix.

At the drop of the gate, Zach Osborne was quick off the line, as he grabbed the holeshot and took a lead. He held this lead for the first couple of laps. Nelson was on his tail, and made his move to get in front of him at the beginning of lap 3.

The rookie Chris Alldredge was having a nice run so far, and he moved into second, with Bowers and Hill close behind him.

Things were going fine for Nelson as he held the lead, until right before the halfway mark. He came up just a bit short on the over-under bridge, which caused his body to lurch forward upon landing. Before he could gather himself, he was into the tuff blocks on the side, and on the ground.

With this slip up, Bowers was able to take over the lead. Disaster then struck for Alldredge, who crashed heavily before the finish, and disqualified himself from the race. He was able to get off under his own power though, so he should be alright.

With this crash, Webb moved up into 3rd, recovering from his slow start. He quickened his pace, and soon found himself moving into 2nd.

As the race started coming to a close, it looked like Bowers lead was large enough to secure the victory. But Webb wasn’t finished yet, and he closed what was an over 5 second lead within the last 5 laps to catch Bowers on the final lap.

As Webb closed in, it almost looked like Bowers was surprised to see him there. He tried to avoid contact with Webb, but it caused him to go off track and into the blocks. Webb rode out the final few laps and claimed his victory. It was his second straight win, and it gave him the points lead with Nelson finishing in 6th. Webb was barely able to contain his excitement has he celebrated on the podium.

Rounding out the podium behind Web and Bowers was Hill, who finished in the box for the first time this season.

It was an exciting race, one that will most likely be remember for a long time. When people look back at turning points in the season, they will often point to this race, and Webb’s unthinkable comeback late in the race. Up next is Round 4 taking place in Oakland. We’ll have a recap of that race after it happens as well. See you then!